Everybody Is A Bikini Body | Blooming Jelly

Everybody Is A Bikini Body | Blooming Jelly

When I was young, I always received a lot of judgment about how I look, my body shape is. Even though I know most of them are not unfriendly to say that, but it has still broken my heart and I have been in a tough period for a very long time.

I have a large size body which is hard to buy cute clothing while other girls were tooking beautiful and amazing photos with cute clothes. I rejected going to the beach with the boy I was dating because I have ugly cellulite in my belly which makes me felt unconfident and afraid to show off my body, he was really disappointed and we broke up soon.

That makes me reflected on myself and begin to eat less and drink a lot of glucopyranosides to make myself looks skinny. After 2 months, I became a skinny girl with a terrible face and poor health, even a small wind will break me down. My mom was worried about my body situation and has to take me to see a doctor. After a hard time recovering my body health and mental health, I began to understand that Everybody Is Beauty! The skinny shape is beautiful but not the only beautiful body shapes the world need. The world is full of all kinds of women with all kinds of beauty. The actress Anya Taylor-Joy from The Queen's Gambit used to be called "Fish" because of the distance between her eyes, but nowadays, more and more people have begun to find the beauty of the difference between her eyes.

Keep my body skinny in an unhealthy way doesn't make me happy, wearing small size clothes doesn't make me confident. Also, after 2 months of unhealthy dietary habits, I began to eat healthily and exercise more. I am not skinny now, but my mental situation and body situation looks great, the cellulite on my belly with the hip dip doesn't make me felt unhappy, I began to accept my body shape, I felt the confidence to show them at the beach. I bought a lot of bikinis for vacation. EVERYBODY IS A BODY SHAPE!

Let me recommend some bikinis that will also look perfect for you.

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