Top 3 Ways To Wear Leggings - Blooming Jelly

Top 3 Ways To Wear Leggings - Blooming Jelly

You probably noticed that lots of celebrities and models are wearing leggings in their street snapshots. Famous singer Rihanna Fenty, American fashion model Gigi Hadid, Hailey Bieber, Kim Kardashian are both huge fans of this fashion elements. How do leggings become the most popular item for half a century? 

Nowadays, leggings are no longer belongs to workout at gym clothes. They are Comfort and Easy Pairing. How to wear leggings for you? Let's help you to choose your fashion outfits.

1. Wear Leggings with Oversized Top

An oversized top with leggings will make you look slim and energetic, great for streetwear and gym training. 

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2. Wear a Leggings with Crop Top or a Sports Bra

Pairing a black crop top with a blazer will help you look stylish at casual occasions, paired with sunglasses enhance your professional power at a business casual look.

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3. White T-Shirt and Sneaker Outfits

A simple way to wear black leggings is paired with a white T-Shirt and Sneakers. Trendy and flattering.

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