Wild is Calling | Leopard Print is Back

Wild is Calling | Leopard Print is Back

Leopard print is one of the most fashion element for all season, it never out of fashion. Blooming Jelly provide the latest fashion leopard clothes for all ages ladies.

1. Chic Leopard Print Loose T-Shirt

Photo via @Bloomingjelly's customer.

2. Wild Calling Leopard 3/4 Sleeves T-Shirt

3.Wild Calling Long Sleeves Leopard T-Shirt

4. Wild Leopard Patchwork Pouch Pocket Long Hoodie

5. Wild Leopard Patchwork Drawstring Sweatshirt

6. Wild Leopard Patchwork Loose Top

Photo via @tayycelia

7. Drop Shoulder Leopard Patchwork Button Blouse

7. Leopard And Stripes Patchwork T-Shirt

8. Skinny Leopard Patchwork Open Front Cardigan