Camo Camo Camo is Here | Blooming Jelly

Camo Camo Camo is Here | Blooming Jelly

Camouflage was only used on military service. But camouflage pattern influenced fashion and art since the time of First World War onwards. 

Nowadays, camo print is also become new favorite of some fashion bloggers.

Blooming Jelly 's super-talented designers are also mad about camo print, they designed a lot camo print items for the upcoming autumn&winter.

1. Oversized Off Shoulder Camouflage Sweatshirt

2. Cool Girl Striped Patchwork Camouflage Hoodie

3. Oversized Camouflage Patchwork Pullover T-Shirt

4. Cool Girl Camouflage Print Loose T-Shirt

5. Sporty Mock Neck Half Zipper Camo Sweatshirt

6. City Girl Lace Cold Shoulder Camo T-Shirt